Child Protection

Safeguarding our school communities

The Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes values the dignity of every person. We are especially committed to ensuring the care, well-being and protection of children in our school communities.

As a Diocese, we abide by all child protection legislation, and our moral obligation is always to promote the safety and protection of children in our care.

We endeavour to create safe environments where everyone can participate freely and without fear in worship, prayer and learning.

Child Protection

All staff in our school are expected to promote child safety by clearly understanding their legal child protection responsibilities and acting in accordance with those responsibilities.

In particular, the school will:

  • Maintain professionalism in our interactions with children by exercising appropriate duty of care and maintaining appropriate professional boundaries.
  • Follow policy and procedures to address allegations of inappropriate behaviour by staff towards children.
  • Ensure all people working in our school including parent volunteers, are appropriately screened for working with children.
  • Respond appropriately when we feel a child is at risk of significant harm due to possible abuse or neglect.

* Child Protection Policy: Addressing Allegations of Inappropriate Behaviour by Staff

* Child Protection Policy: Working With Children Check

* Child Protection Policy: Managing Risks of Significant Harm & Wellbeing Concerns