Arts & Culture

“In the longer term, learning in the Creative Arts assists students in their lifelong learning in the visual arts, music, drama and dance. It also assists students to participate in and contribute to cultural life, to become informed consumers of the arts and culture, to empathise with others, and to consider a range of career paths. The Creative Arts also provide opportunities for students to respect the views of various social and cultural groups, people with different religions and belief systems and people with disabilities. The Creative Arts also offer opportunities for students to value the different perspectives of females and males.”

NSW Creative Arts Syllabus (2000)

Students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of creative arts experiences that involve making, appreciating, performing, organising, listening and composing.

In addition to the Creative Arts syllabus, visual arts, music, drama and dance are integrated into other key learning areas. Our students are fortunate to be able to join in local NAIDOC Week celebrations as a time to apply their creative arts skills beyond the classroom.

Our communities invite schools to be involved in various functions, and our school choirs often perform at local school and community events and participate in regional Eisteddfods.

School art shows allow our students to showcase their creative abilities, as does entry into other local and national art competitions. Students contribute to their local agricultural show by creating and exhibiting a variety of media.

Visiting performing artists and productions provides our students with the experience of enjoying live theatre and music. Moorambilla Voices helps uncover artistic excellence in regional children and youth in our Western region schools.

Public speaking and debating competitions provide our students with the opportunities to develop confidence and to showcase their skills in these areas.